Blue Ash Ohio Police Department arrests 88 year old for “stealing” kid’s ball

October 21, 2008 at 6:08 pm (4491546) (, , , , , , )

Dear City of Blue Ash:

You are a bunch of fucking assholes. Your police department arrested an 88 year old woman for keeping a kids ball.

The actions of the police department are a disgrace to the country, and a sad commentary on the backwards state of affairs in our nation.

If a ball lands in someone’s yard, it should become their property. And if this is not the law currently, then the law ought to be changed in order to protect homeowners from the extreme nuisance of children disrespecting property.

We as a nation have become absolutely complicit in letting children run wild and behave however they want with no accountability whatsoever. It is easy to see in movie theaters, restaurants, and other public places, and now we are treated as criminals if we demand respect for our own property? RIDICULOUS!

How does it feel to be a national disgrace? I hope that poor woman is released immediately, and if anything happens to her because of the stress of this ordeal, it will be on your heads.


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