Jon and Kate Plus Eight Are Disgusting Morons

May 12, 2009 at 1:48 am (Rants) (, , , , , )

Dear Jon and Kate,

I think it’s really a shame that instead of adopting a baby you decided to contribute to the overpopulation problem by having fertility treatments and 6 additional children besides the two you already had.

It’s people like you that do harm to our society by glorifying yourselves on television as if having eight children were a responsible choice.

I am getting really, really tired of being forced to see the gossip about your family every time I turn on the computer or the news. Even though I would never want to make a law regarding how many children someone could have, I wish that people would make an informed decision based on FACTS instead of an infantile belief in a personal God, and every time I see you online it reminds me how many irresponsible people are out there in the world.

Today YAHOO had this alleged “affair” as its top news story, so I decided to look up the reason why you have 8 children. That’s when I found out you turned down a baby to adopt but then had fertility treatments. Gross.

It would be behoove your family to drop out of the limelight and continue your ruination of the environment privately so I don’t have to be further subjected to this nonsense.

It always seems to be the Christians who have affairs, use drugs, cheat, lie, and steal. The hypocritical behavior of most Christians is sickening, really.

The fact that people like you can get married and have tons of children without regard for the ecosystem, while Gays are not able to marry, is the greatest travesty of justice I have ever seen.

Sorry but when you choose to live your life in the public eye and impose your beliefs on the world, this is the kind of criticism you should expect.

I long for the day when I turn on my computer and don’t have to see your ignorance displayed so clearly.

You are really the lowest common denominator of society. Every time I see your fat sweaty faces I wish it wasn’t illegal to smash them to bits.


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