Philadelphia Parking Authority

June 4, 2009 at 4:20 pm (4491546)

Dear Philadelphia Parking Authority:

I am on to your scam. I have heard many stories about defective parking meters and how the PPA purposely puts up defective meters to scam innocent citizens out of our money. None of the meters ever give the time allotted, but yesterday I experienced firsthand how the “defective meter” scam runs. I parked at a meter at 15th and Cecil B. Moore Ave for a business meeting. Not that you people understand what a legitimate business meeting is, but try to imagine for a moment that you’re an honest ethical person who doesn’t work for the PPA and you’re innocently parking for your non-criminal business meeting.

So I park at the meter and I start putting in quarters. The meter takes two of my quarters no problem. On my third quarter, the meter starts flashing “out of order, see time limit.” So I of course stand there and wait for about ten minutes, to see if it will correct itself and give me my 45 minutes. After ten minutes I had to go to my meeting, so I left feeling anxious because I had heard from so many people about this happening, and when they come back to their car, they have a ticket.

I told the woman running the meeting what had happened, and she insisted I go back outside and put a “defective meter” sign on the meter. She even made the sign for me (because the world isn’t 100% full of evil thieving bastards like those who work for the PPA).

So I head back out to my car, delaying my meeting and wasting everyone’s time, when SURPRISE!!! The meter is suddenly and magically working again! And guess what? It is almost run out! YEAH! So now you guys think you’re going to make your big fat $30 because you didn’t count on me coming back, right? CLEVER!

So I call the PPA at Callowhill which is the closest office, and the woman gives me another number to call, which of course has no answer. I try again, and still no answer. By now I have wasted 20 minutes of my associate’s time, and my blood pressure has risen through the roof. I then have to go and find someone to give me change. But because, like I said before, this world has some decent people left in it (hard to believe, right?) I obtained the change I needed and lo and behold the meter finally took my change and worked properly. Of course, when I came back to my car after my meeting, the meter had run out BEFORE IT SHOULD HAVE, but that is your standard scam operation that everyone in the city knows about.

I don’t understand how you people get away with it, but somehow you do. I can only hope the day is coming when the citizens of Philadelphia rise up and demand that this mafia-like, thieving, sleazy, underhanded, dirty, criminal behavior stops once and for all.


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Sarah Palin and the Elite: Part of growing up is realizing that there ARE people better than you!

October 23, 2008 at 9:27 pm (4491546)

Sarah Palin needs to grow the hell up! She acts like a fucking 4th grader who thinks that there is no one in the world superior to them. Guess what Sarah Palin? THERE ARE PEOPLE BETTER THAN YOU!!! And there are people better than me.

When did it occur in our society the idea that “there is no one better than me and if they think they’re better than me then they are just an elitist and that’s bad.” It’s so fucking infantile to think that everyone is exactly the same in every way and no one is superior in any regard to another person.

It’s just a matter of maturity to realize that indeed there are people smarter, nicer, richer, prettier, more successful, etc. than yourself. Is everyone really that narcissistic that they honestly believe that there’s no one better than themselves? Wow. That is so childish!

I was shocked when I heard her definition of elite as being “Anyone who thinks they are better than someone else.” Oh and add to that “people who live in Washington and New York City.” It really sounds like children talking rather than intelligent adults. Maybe Palin and McCain are dumbing themselves down for the majority of their base? They have to be. Otherwise why would they speak in such simplistic and infantile terms?

I can list 100 people, right now, who are better than me in almost every way. And I am totally fine with that. It doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to be like them, because I do. It just means that I’m mature enough to realize that there are zillions of people better than me. I don’t think “elite” is a negative thing. If someone thinks they are better than someone else, it’s probably because they are!

Every time Palin opens her fat fucking stupid mouth, she sounds more and more like the President of the League of Morons. It’s unbelievable how many stupid things she says. It’s like her brain is being reverse engineered to think like a child who gets younger and younger and less and less mature.  Just because she has a Down’s Syndrome baby doesn’t mean she should act like one herself. Next thing you know she’ll be telling people “anyone who thinks they’re smarter than my baby is an elitist and that’s bad.”

I’ve never seen such a first class idiot in my entire life.

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Blue Ash Ohio Police Department arrests 88 year old for “stealing” kid’s ball

October 21, 2008 at 6:08 pm (4491546) (, , , , , , )

Dear City of Blue Ash:

You are a bunch of fucking assholes. Your police department arrested an 88 year old woman for keeping a kids ball.

The actions of the police department are a disgrace to the country, and a sad commentary on the backwards state of affairs in our nation.

If a ball lands in someone’s yard, it should become their property. And if this is not the law currently, then the law ought to be changed in order to protect homeowners from the extreme nuisance of children disrespecting property.

We as a nation have become absolutely complicit in letting children run wild and behave however they want with no accountability whatsoever. It is easy to see in movie theaters, restaurants, and other public places, and now we are treated as criminals if we demand respect for our own property? RIDICULOUS!

How does it feel to be a national disgrace? I hope that poor woman is released immediately, and if anything happens to her because of the stress of this ordeal, it will be on your heads.

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American Idol Donations

April 11, 2008 at 9:23 pm (4491546)

Take back your donations from the Idol Gives Back Foundation and give them directly to the charity itself. American Idol seems to be controlled by Fundamentalist Christian interests as I said in my last post. Hopefully this will show up in searches for “Idol Donations”. I would love it if people withdrew their money and gave them to the charities directly. No more Jesus songs! Stop alienating half of the United States! YOU SUCK American Idol!!! Screw you!

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