Sarah Palin and the Elite: Part of growing up is realizing that there ARE people better than you!

October 23, 2008 at 9:27 pm (4491546)

Sarah Palin needs to grow the hell up! She acts like a fucking 4th grader who thinks that there is no one in the world superior to them. Guess what Sarah Palin? THERE ARE PEOPLE BETTER THAN YOU!!! And there are people better than me.

When did it occur in our society the idea that “there is no one better than me and if they think they’re better than me then they are just an elitist and that’s bad.” It’s so fucking infantile to think that everyone is exactly the same in every way and no one is superior in any regard to another person.

It’s just a matter of maturity to realize that indeed there are people smarter, nicer, richer, prettier, more successful, etc. than yourself. Is everyone really that narcissistic that they honestly believe that there’s no one better than themselves? Wow. That is so childish!

I was shocked when I heard her definition of elite as being “Anyone who thinks they are better than someone else.” Oh and add to that “people who live in Washington and New York City.” It really sounds like children talking rather than intelligent adults. Maybe Palin and McCain are dumbing themselves down for the majority of their base? They have to be. Otherwise why would they speak in such simplistic and infantile terms?

I can list 100 people, right now, who are better than me in almost every way. And I am totally fine with that. It doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to be like them, because I do. It just means that I’m mature enough to realize that there are zillions of people better than me. I don’t think “elite” is a negative thing. If someone thinks they are better than someone else, it’s probably because they are!

Every time Palin opens her fat fucking stupid mouth, she sounds more and more like the President of the League of Morons. It’s unbelievable how many stupid things she says. It’s like her brain is being reverse engineered to think like a child who gets younger and younger and less and less mature.  Just because she has a Down’s Syndrome baby doesn’t mean she should act like one herself. Next thing you know she’ll be telling people “anyone who thinks they’re smarter than my baby is an elitist and that’s bad.”

I’ve never seen such a first class idiot in my entire life.


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