Sarah Palin is a Dumb Ignorant Trashy Bitch!!!

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The following is intended as Political Satire.

Definition of satire: a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn.

Democrats! You need to get up off your asses and start pumping out some ads about Sarah Palin!!! First you can focus on the video where she talks about the war in Iraq being “God’s Will”, then, you can turn the spotlight onto her crazy-ass husband, who belongs to a group that supports Alaskan independence from the United States. Then, you can make an ad pointing out the EXTREME disgusting hypocrisy of the right wing lunatics who preach all about “family values” while they support their 17 year year old daughter being a GIANT WHORE and force her into horrible life of deferred dreams and missed opportunities! I FEEL SO SICK I COULD PUKE INTO SARAH PALIN’S MOUTH!!! She’d probably like it because she’s dirty like that. Come on, you all can tell just by looking at her! Right? You just know she loves to get her freak on! Why do you think her daughter couldn’t keep her legs shut? It’s all genetic ya know!

Anyhow, the Palin family are a bunch of trashy LOSERS who need to move down South or at least to West Virginia! Would they not feel more at home sitting on their porch, strummin’ on a washboard and shukin’ corn for moonshine?

Sarah Palin is so stupid that she yammers on and on about Jesus and God. We just can’t have someone who ACTUALLY believes in that crap! At least when Obama does it I know he doesn’t really mean it and is just doing it to pander to the morons in our country. Jesus is a pagan sun-God story, you crazy dumb dumbs!!! we can’t have a Vice President or President who seemingly truly believes in Jesus! Just look what happened the last eight years with Bush! Our society is in RUINS!!! No one can afford gas! We’re involved in a horrible war! The environment is falling apart! Ice shelves are floating off to sea! Snow caps are melting! WAKE UP YOU IDIOT NIMROD REPUBLICANS!!! JESUS DOESN’T EXIST!!! And if he did, I highly doubt he would lead us into the situation we’re in now! DUHHHHHHHHH!!!

Now, someone tell me, do these people (Republicans) honestly think that the United States is in a good situation right now? Really? Like do they really think that not being able to afford to drive to work is something that Jesus would want? Because George Bush is all up in Jesus’s ass, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that Jesus would be guiding the country and helping out? Well if this is what Jesus leads us into, I say FUCK YOU, JESUS!!!

Now let us move on to Sarah Palin’s lack of experience. How dare these fake-smiling Republican women play the “woman card” and tell anyone who criticizes Palin’s experience that they are being “demeaning to women”? What a JOKE!!! Cut me a break! She’s not a lightweight, she’s a featherweight! Mayor of a tiny Alaskan town and Governer for not even two years??? That is who will be President if John McCain succumbs to old age. Under two years experience is NOT ENOUGH qualify someone to be President or Vice President. And these are the same people who yammered on and on about Obama not having enough experience! HYPOCRITES ALL! What will Sarah Palin say when she sits down with world leaders? She’s in soooo far over her head it’s scary!

And she is also a BAD MOTHER. Yes, that’s right. But not for the reasons you’re thinking (neglecting and abondoning a special-needs child). She’s a bad mother because she KNEW her young daughter was pregnant and yet she did not care about the consequences her daughter would face in the press. She thrust her young girl into the vicious attacks of the media and bloggers like me without a care in the world. DISGUSTING.

So let’s review. Sarah Palin: BAD MOTHER, DUMB, NO EXPERIENCE, TRASHY, MEAN, CRAZY. Now is that who you want as VP of our country? 

Come on Democrats! Get with the program! You have so much fodder here! And to you, Barack Obama, stop being so damn good and upright, would ya? You need to start ripping this woman the new and improved giant asshole she wants and deserves!  

Join with me in destroying Sarah Palin’s name and reputation in a mean-spirited yet highly effective way by slamming her with negative ads and smear campaigns! YEAH! WOOOHOOOO Screw you Sarah Palin! you SUCK!!!!!!!!



  1. emily said,


  2. emily said,

    sarah palin robbed my house!!

  3. nbk said,


  4. Greg said,

    Nice rant. I’m with you. Napalm that bitch’s reputation. Keep up the good work. PS Sarah Palin did several bukkake videos in the 80s.

  5. Hector said,

    I love how she had the nerve to talk about how McCain is the only one who ‘fought’ for his country when John Kerry had more combat service then Bush, Rove, Cheney, Wolfiwitz combined and the pubs swift boated him….hypocrites…l

  6. emily said,

    I wish I knew what swift boating meant

  7. Anon said,

    Absolutely right. Love your comments. Sarah Palin is just that, an ignorant bitch.

  8. 40KNOT said,

    haha, this guy ranting and raving about Sarah Palin. You’re just another butt hurt liberal that cant believe his party is such a piece of shit and can never win an election. Your such a stupid piece of heated shit.. makes me proud to be a Republican. I would hate to call people like you a friend or stand up for you when you act like a freakin 2 year old crying about shit… Haha. John Carry? hahahahah his military experience was a fucking JOKE!!!!! 3 purple harts one of wich was self inflicted. oh god this guy is a tough cookie!.

    Yeah man just because your a broke ass minority and dont have the will power to make it on your own and need the gov’t to wipe your ass for you dose not mean you need to bash on educated moral people who believe in the vision of our founding fathers.

    Republicans have more money, more power, more pride, and more balls. Cry yourself to sleep on that one buddy. 🙂

  9. Mike said,

    AMEN – She is a crazy bitch on wheels. Fucking pandering Republicans and dumb ass Americans who vote for them OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!!!!!

  10. each it said,

    sarah palin is a moron. and what does military experience have to do with running the country?

  11. LoveliestLibra said,

    I am a southerner and despite America’s view of what goes wrong here from race and welfare, to old money and the newly wealthy, most of us find Palin disgustingly ignorant and a disgrace to the family views she claims to represent.

  12. Jones said,

    40KNOT; your the only piece of white shit on here mother fucker. republicans got us into this economic disaster were in now. dont talk about minoritys like white people are something great shid without black people america would be shit. Now chew on that you greedy republican fucking bastard scum of the fucking earth.

    PS sarah palin is a dumb bitch just like you. mccain and that fucking bitch will start another fucking war and get us into more trouble. im ashamed that you call yourself an american. shame on you you piece of shit.

  13. John McCain said,

    I totally agree. I would field dress her like a moose. Except that if you cut her open black crude comes out.
    Now TWICE (dammit!!!) she has said “now ya know well i’m not one to debate whether climate change has had an effect on man’s activitiesl..”
    What the fuck is that shit?? It’s fucking PAID FOR by the OIL COMPANIES.
    Sarah Palin is a trashy sideshow while the treasury is looted.
    She’s a good sign of the END OF THE UNITED STATES
    (yeah I said it.)
    But John McCain is a serial, mass murderer (in his stupid plane) and should be hanged for war crimes.
    Obama is a face-painting tranny hooker for Wall-Street, but the Republicans will probably steal the election, and if they do….
    I am hiding inside!!!

  14. Karl said,

    Please tell me the good people of the USA aren’t stupid eough to let this piece of trash anywhere near the White House except maybe with a broom and mop in hand.

  15. Karl said,

    And why do the yanks continually go on about “god”. How can you take someone seriously who keeps making reference to their imaginary friends?

  16. Sarah's Evil Little Sister (the one living in the crawlspace) said,

    Well, it is election night. Good riddance to one of the worst periods of ignorance in American history. McCain DERAILED his campaign by choosing this witch. SHE HAS BEEN STOPPED. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!
    John McCain: You messed up for the last time. You will never have the chance to be in another cockpit. Your record sucks. Did you really think the USA would by your bullshit rhetoric? Did you really think the USA would really consider Palin to be a contribution to the United States. You blew it – and thank God you did! Freakin’ loser.

  17. I agree except said,

    I greatly agree about sarah palin being a stupid bitch that couldnt lead some1 out of a fucking paper sack! but i belive that if ur a great leader no matter what the fuck u belive in youll make the best choices for your country so religon dont make a shit differnce and if it does ur a moron to lead your country in into war or economic depression cause ur of religon, i say leave that fucking bullshit at the door and dont bring it into the white house!!

    Fuck republicans!!!!And im out!!

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