I’m Taking Back my American Idol Donation and so Should You!

April 11, 2008 at 5:13 pm (Rants)

Dear American Idol,

After viewing last night's show, I was deeply offended
by the song the Idols sang called "Shout To the Lord."

As an Atheist married to a Jewish person, I was
horrified and disgusted by the obvious pandering to
the Evangelical sector who were angry about the
removal of the word "Jesus" in the song on Wednesday

I guess American Idol feels it must cater to a sub-set
of viewers while completely ignoring the fact that
"America" is a diverse religious nation composed of
many different religious groups. Since the show is
called "American Idol", it really should not alienate
half of the American population by singing a deeply
religious song such as "Shout to the Lord." At least
Wednesday night's version used the word "Shepard"
which was a more general term and could be applied to
other religions. Thursday night's version was deeply

So, after careful and thoughtful consideration I am
withdrawing my donation. Please advise how I can go
about receiving my donation back.

I will re-donate my money directly to a non-partisan
charity whose work I can be assured is not driven by
the interests of evangelical Christians.



  1. Idol News » Blog Archive » I’m Taking Back my American Idol Donation and so Should You! said,

    […] Lesley […]

  2. kaoticchick said,

    woah..harsh words..but you’re right!!..it was totally bogus of them to do that.!!!
    check out this hilarious stand up comedy spoof i found about american idol.
    must watch for any true idol believer!!:)

  3. demian said,

    I felt the same.
    I would have liked to hear them sing “Fade to Black”…..
    But, do you think the person who was going to be helped by your donation cares.

    Anyone can find a reason not to help.
    We do it every day.

    So, why not forget about yourself for a minute and simply give?

  4. ragefilledrant said,

    Thank you very much for your comment. As I said in my letter I will be giving my donation directly to one of the charities.

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