American Idol Donations

April 11, 2008 at 9:23 pm (4491546)

Take back your donations from the Idol Gives Back Foundation and give them directly to the charity itself. American Idol seems to be controlled by Fundamentalist Christian interests as I said in my last post. Hopefully this will show up in searches for “Idol Donations”. I would love it if people withdrew their money and gave them to the charities directly. No more Jesus songs! Stop alienating half of the United States! YOU SUCK American Idol!!! Screw you!


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I’m Taking Back my American Idol Donation and so Should You!

April 11, 2008 at 5:13 pm (Rants)

Dear American Idol,

After viewing last night's show, I was deeply offended
by the song the Idols sang called "Shout To the Lord."

As an Atheist married to a Jewish person, I was
horrified and disgusted by the obvious pandering to
the Evangelical sector who were angry about the
removal of the word "Jesus" in the song on Wednesday

I guess American Idol feels it must cater to a sub-set
of viewers while completely ignoring the fact that
"America" is a diverse religious nation composed of
many different religious groups. Since the show is
called "American Idol", it really should not alienate
half of the American population by singing a deeply
religious song such as "Shout to the Lord." At least
Wednesday night's version used the word "Shepard"
which was a more general term and could be applied to
other religions. Thursday night's version was deeply

So, after careful and thoughtful consideration I am
withdrawing my donation. Please advise how I can go
about receiving my donation back.

I will re-donate my money directly to a non-partisan
charity whose work I can be assured is not driven by
the interests of evangelical Christians.


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