Celebrities are stupid; Reason #1007 why Gay marriage should be legal

February 19, 2008 at 6:00 pm (Rants)

Celebrities are sooooooo stupid. They all end up getting divorced, don’t they? Why do they get married in the first place then?

Why are celebrities allowed to get married and make a mockery out of marriage by getting divorced weeks later, and Gays who have been together 10, 20, 40 years are not allowed to get married? It’s disgusting.

I say we ban celebrity marriages, starting today. The ban shall last until Gays are allowed to marry. Celebrity marriages are a bad example for children,  and they go against family values.

A Gay couple who has been together for 30 years can’t get married, but disgusting vile filthy dirty hideous bad mother (hereafter referred to as DVFDHBM for short) Pam Anderson  can get married and divorced time after time as many times as she wants, and this last marriage to Dirtbag Scum of the Year Rick Solomon last like weeks, but that is acceptable in our culture? Why? What couple would you want raising your children? Peg and Deb, who have been together for 10 years, play softball on the weekends, raise orchids, are doctors, and volunteer in their spare time, or… DVFDHBM Pam Anderson and Rick Solomon? I mean, really, who would you rather??? Think about it.

And yet,  DVFDHBM Pam Anderson has children, and can run around and do whatever she wants, and get married to someone she has known for a few days, and whatever, and that’s all fine and legal. And she would be able to adopt children no problem, and her husband of the moment can be listed as the kids father, no problem, while Gays have to struggle to adopt children and if their partner has a baby, the other partner has to go through tons of legal expense and stress just to be named the second parent.  It’s total bullshit! It makes me sick.

I call for an immediate and enforced ban on celebrity marriages! Stop this bullcrap now!



  1. EMILY said,

    I am considering this a legal petition and I would like to be the first ti sign:

    Emily Jean Lopizzo

  2. Linnettepx said,

    omg.. good work, bro

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