Conservative radio show hosts are not the “base of the Republican party”

February 9, 2008 at 2:45 am (Rants)

Hey douchebags: just because four or five crackpot losers (and by crackpot losers I mean Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh etc.) hate John McCain, it does not mean that the “base” of the Republican party hates John McCain.

Who voted for John McCain? REPUBLICANS DID, THAT’S WHO! Obviously the “base” likes him because he is going to be Republican candidate.

Sometimes I feel like I’m educating kindergarten students here. This isn’t rocket science, folks. The majority of people voted for McCain, so therefore many Republican citizens in the US like him.  Five conservative talk show hosts can’t dictate for whom people vote nor do they represent the majority of the party.

Maybe Anne Coulter should spend less time getting her hate on for John McCain and more time worrying about her enormous adam’s apple.



  1. Randolph said,

    That’s a man, baby!!!!!

  2. Ron said,

  3. philthy Emily said,

  4. philthy Emily said,

    I cant post HTML pics in your blog. we need to talk to christi about this.

  5. liljimmi said,

    Yes the majority of Republicans that made it out to vote did vote for McCain, but Republican turnout in the primaries has been way low compared to Dem turnout. So it is significant that douchebags like Right-Wing radio hosts and Religious Right Nutjobs are not supporting him. Even Rright-wingers say a Republican can’t win in the General Election without support from these groups.

    Look at our state for example…now in PA 59% of registered voters are Democrat! 59%!!! There are over 180,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans!! So yeah middle of the road Republican freaks like my parents are enthusiastically supporting McCain, but maybe not the “base.”

    Just sayin’ 🙂


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