To Lab Charter School, Orianna Street: Fuck off

February 1, 2008 at 9:02 pm (Rants) (, , , , )

February 1, 2008

Dear Sirs/Madams:

On many occasions I am severely delayed by your dismissal process. There is no reason why parents need to park directly in front of the school in the middle of the street in order to pick up their children. As far as I can tell from the vast amount of time I am sitting in my car behind these parents, most of them appear to be in good health, as do the children. Therefore I am unable to deduct why it is not possible for them to park one or two blocks away from the school and then walk to pick up their children. Perhaps if children in our country got a little more exercise of this nature, there would be less childhood obesity. In fact, some of the parents also look as if they could use a brisk walk as well.

I recently encountered a parent on 4th street while I was waiting the 20 minutes to make it to the stop sign at 4th and Brown, as he had parked there on 4th street and was loading his children into the car. I rolled my window down and had a nice chat with him (since I wasn’t going anywhere I had the time, you see.) I asked him “Sir, why don’t all the parents do what you do, instead of blocking up traffic on Orianna for a half hour?” He just shook his head and said “I know. It’s really rude how they do dismissal.”

Due to the above interaction I am fairly certain I’m not the only person who feels the way I do. Actually, judging from the cars honking behind and in front of me, I can say that definitively.

My question to you is how do I solve this problem? Clearly your school and the parents are in the wrong, as it is not legal to park in the middle of the street and block traffic. You do not have any permit to do so, and you are creating a huge hassle for hundreds of people every day. I am concerned though that because of today’s sense of entitlement, this letter will fall on deaf ears.

If you are not willing to solve this problem for me, please advise to whom else I can direct my concerns.




  1. EMILY said,


    fuck schools and kids and parents.

  2. Slowchi boo said,

    I agree totally! There is no reason for anyone to block the roads and inconvenience others.

  3. Randolph said,

    I deal with the same shit every day in Delco on my way to work. The school I drive by has an actual parking lot and instead of pulling in the parents just stop on the road. The message they are teaching their children is to inconvenience others instead of being courteous. Get the fuck off the road.

  4. LaTisha said,

    The school tells the parents not to do that. However, there are people out there with no regard for anyone but themselves. You should also fault the city, because they allowed a school to be opened in that small space. They knew the traffic repercussions that could result and didn’t do anything to fix it. Even if there was a crossing guard that could be there to tell the traffic that they had to move. I understand that it is frustrating and most of the parents there feel the exact same way as the gentleman that you spoke to, but it only takes one parent to park right in front of the school to cause 20 minutes worth of congestion.

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